Mark & Carey Southwell on Dedication

“I met Melissa at the Standard Process practice building seminars she taught in Loveland, CO. I wanted to put in writing what this seminar has done for our practice. My husband has been practicing in the Denver area since 1980. He has run the practice by himself with me doing very limited administrative duties off and on over the years as my work schedule permitted. Recently, I left a non-profit management position and began working with my husband full time. After attending this seminar in the Spring 2010, I began to implement many of the practice building tasks and ideas she presented there. As a result, 2010 was the largest grossing year in the history of our practice. Our income was up 20 percent over 2009! We added Wellness Classes, a monthly newsletter, appointment reminders, took a look at our customer service policies, placed patient education material throughout the waiting room and treatment rooms. Melissa recommended the use of Systems Survey Maestro™ as well and that has increased supplement sales to 1/3 of our total gross. We’re looking to taking that even further in 2011. I am so grateful for the time and energy that Melissa has put into her presentations. Melissa, please know that there are those of us out here who have found your information, your suggestions and energy invaluable. Thank you so much for your dedication and your willingness to share your knowledge.”

Dave Hogsed on Certifications

"You will not find a more comprehensive or user-friendly nutrition certification course that allows for the flexibility of combining online and live seminar courses."

Tim Bahan on Education

“I can say that I don’t know any other people that are as dedicated and driven to deliver top notch education platforms. They are committed to practical, accurate and useful programs that clinical practitioners can immediately apply.”

Jenn Stockwell on Coaching

"The ideas and tools that were shared during our coaching groups and 1-1 sessions have been invaluable to our team in serving our patients to the highest degree of care. I recommend all chiropractic associates sign up for the program.”

Michael Gaeta on Training

“Melissa Taylor has impressed me with her considerable talents and abilities as a trainer, and as a creator of excellent patient education programs for clinicians. She exhibits a rare combination of creativity, passion and deep competence that has inspired me to raise the level of my game as an educator. Besides that, she is a real pleasure to work with!”

Kolleen Gowans on Teaching

“Melissa and Chris Taylor are a skilled, professional, and personable teaching team; providing clear, organized presentations and useful practice tools. They focus on the practical application and implementation of procedures and information, based on their own personal experience in developing a successful healthcare practice. Their presentations provide relevant practice methodology, integration of various assessment tools and guidance for incorporating nutritional assessment into a healthcare practice. Their experience and recommendations are an asset to any healthcare practice!”

Lewis Ruffner on Tools

“I have been working with Melissa’s organization since 2003. Her attention to detail, professional approach, marketing materials, passion for whole food nutrition and genuine desire to help Doctors and patients are valuable tools and qualities.”

Lee Carroll on Organization

"Melissa is a pleasure to work with. She is highly organized and manages the seminars I do in her territory to a very high standard.”

Michael Priestman on Details

“I was extremely impressed with Melissa’s organization and attention to detail which made her training extremely valuable to me. Melissa is erudite, personable, and entertaining. The materials that she developed have been of incalculable help to me in my efforts to organize my office and create a smooth transition to new systems.”

Kent Pomeroy on Confidence

“Melissa worked with me to implement nutritional assessment and testing and train my staff. We began by completing an online questionnaire about our practice and then discussed it at length in a conference call. Her background in business and practice management really gave me confidence I could make the changes. When she visited our office, she spent 2 long days reviewing intake and creating a better flow, ordering and inventory, check-out procedures, patient communications, staff utilization and discussed new ways to approach things. She provided many useful forms, website links and handouts for my staff.”

Marie T on Balance

“Dr. Chris & Melissa Taylor have a beautiful synergy and are well balanced as trainers. I picked up a wealth of information and many pearls of wisdom. Now I see why they have such a great reputation in our area with the practitioners I know.”

Brian Tolman on Implementation

“I wanted to express thanks to Dr. Taylor and Melissa for all they do to serve me and my practice. We appreciate all the help so we can achieve success implementing their suggestions and by using their knowledge and expertise. They share so readily and givingly. I enjoy, and I'm motivated by their passion for health and nutrition – it radiates from them as they share. Please, keep doing what you do so well for me.”

Chad Frandsen on Dedication

“I would like to say “thank you” to Dr. Chris and Melissa Taylor for the time and dedication they put into the Fusion Practice Coaching Program. Having been in practice for just over a year, I have needed a lot of assistance during this time. Chris and Melissa have been available whenever I have needed them to help with protocols and to get my nutrition practice started. Thanks for all you do!”