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Health care practitioners and their clinical staff can earn a 100-hour post-graduate or 60-hour entry level certification focusing on whole food nutrition. C’mon – you know you want to ;) Earn a credential while you learn.

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One thing that differentiates our dedicated staff from other educators is that we stay active with patient care, clinical research and best practices in business management. We are not protective of our ideas or strategies and have a passion for sharing whole food and holistic solutions with other practitioners. We continually look to nurture professional relationships that will benefit our clients and increase their success. As a result, we are always adding new presenters, professional organizations and vendors to our community.  We have small egos and big hearts and expect our clients to keep us in check if that ever flips. 

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"We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do will affect the
lives of millions tomorrow.”

- BJ Palmer, DC, “Developer" of chiropractic, researcher, author and philosopher


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