Our Team

Melissa Taylor, ACN, BS Marketing - President & Director of Education

Melissa Taylor is a whole food nutritional counselor, practice manager, and clinical consultant with an extensive background in marketing, human resources and corporate employee development. After a serious chronic illness, 11 surgeries and 3 autoimmune diseases, conventional medicine had failed and she set down the path of alternative approaches. She worked for two Fortune 100 companies in sales, customer service and corporate training.  She served as the national trainer for BioMeridian™ International, a nutritional evaluation device and has been directly involved with more than 3000 practitioners and staff members in the natural medicine community. She has designed and delivered nutrition workshops and seminars for patients, practitioners and staff members for over 22 years, 14 of those years as a mentor and representative for Standard Process West, Inc. 

Melissa works with patients two days per week, is a Clinical Consultant and Educator for Doctors' Research, and serves as the Director of Education for Whole Food Practice developing content and teaching online programs. As a clinical and practice consultant, she draws on her education in marketing, human resources, process improvement, and training development to create a wide array of patient materials and practice tools. A career spanning 37 years has provided great depth of knowledge to provide customized clinical and practice coaching.

On a lighter note, Melissa’s favorite relaxation activities are hiking and hot springs!

“ I am thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.”

-Alex Elle