Our Team

Chris Taylor, DC, ACN - Clinical and Technical Advisor

Dr. Chris Taylor is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor who has successfully integrated therapeutic nutrition and herbs into his cash only practices in New Hampshire and Utah. He served as Mentor in the Standard Process West area for 14 years and currently serves as the Clinical and Technical Advisor for Whole Food Practice and as a Clinical Consultant and Educator for Doctors' Research. He's had the privilege to work on a number of technical project teams that have researched and developed tools and resources for practitioners, including the Heart Sound Recorder, Systems Survey, BioMeridian™, nutritional genetic testing, and functional blood chemistry. Dr. Taylor takes a conservative and straightforward approach in practice by educating patients, setting priorities, evaluating results and making adjustments. 

Dr. Taylor graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2000 and has a B.S degree in Physical Education and Health. He is a highly informed nutritional clinician and provides direct support to clients wanting to discuss cases, technical product details and mechanisms for healing.

In his pre-chiropractic life, Dr. Taylor worked as a physical education teacher, high school football and lacrosse coach, EMT, and athletic trainer. He also worked for a small, artistic company that made hand-dipped cathedral candles!