One-on-One Coaching

Single Session

Have a quick product question? Want to discuss a patient case? Need a case work-up for yourself or family? Trying to hire a new staff member or having performance and training issues? Want some advice on a new marketing campaign? Need help with content for a health talk?

We can set aside 30 minutes on our consulting calendar to help you get squared away.

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Standard Process West

We provide complimentary support and phone coaching services to customers in MT, UT & WY in the Standard Process West territory. Your sessions are complimentary; however, you are still encouraged to use our online booking calendar to find a time that fits your schedule. Feel free to call our office or email/text your questions - anytime. 

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Nutritional Business Integration Program

Figuring out how to step back and assess your current office staff, procedures, tools and patient interactions in a “nutritionally positive” light can be daunting, but you also have embedded blind spots that will forever keep you from seeing what other people see - including your patients.

Our detailed, online practice survey allows the practitioner to review and document a variety of business, patient and financial processes that will reveal those blind spots, create a baseline for goals and change, and the framework for two 60-minute coaching sessions.

All survey takers will be sent a copy of their completed survey in PDF form, as well as access to the online eLearning course and related documents for this program. Additional sessions may be purchased to drive change and integration faster and deeper, however, most people gain a great deal of insight from this process and feel confident in moving forward on their own.

Start here to begin creating the whole food nutrition practice of your dreams.

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