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Welcome to a listing of events and happenings in our corner of the education world. We will post our seminars, webinars, study groups and special offerings right here. Our small staff can't keep up with a complete list of nationwide learning opportunities, however, these programs meet our strict whole food philosophy. This page is updated frequently, so check back often! If you subscribe to our mailing list, you'll receive notifications when events are open for registration. 

Recorded Webinar of the Month

Re-evaluate, Reset, and Restructure
Melissa Taylor, ACN

C'mon - You all know you'd like to "ctrl-alt-del" 2020. I mean, who could plan, stick to a plan, or make sense of successes and failures. It was a brutal year on many people - practitioners and patients alike. Reevaluating your practice, resetting the foundation and restructuring plans, processes and programs that don't create results should be at the top of your list. If you haven't started this process already, you're already behind! Join us as we rally the troops and share tips and tools to create a solid foundation for this new year.

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Seminars, Webinars and Interactive Courses

Continuing education credit programs and non-credit professional development. Click the graphic to learn more.

Introduction to the
Hypothalamic Reset Technique

6pm MST
Mar 30th, 2021
1 Hr Webinar

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Hypothalamic Reset
Technique: Tapping into the Brain's Control Center

Michael Chance, DC
6 CEU Credits

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Human Stress Response & The Chronic Illness Connection

Keith Kimberlin, DC
6 CEU Credits

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Adjuvant Protocols for Healing with Joseph Antell

Joseph Antell, CN, MH

Joseph Antell is a long-time nutritional counselor, master herbalist and expert on the teachings of Dr. Royal Lee. Over the past 41 years, Joseph has lectured and mentored thousands of Standard Process clinicians nationwide. HIs personal leadership and counsel to the Whole Food Practice team has been invaluable. He has been a principal contributor in the Heart Sound Recorder project and continues to educate owners and technicians on weekly webinars. Recently Joseph has been focusing on writing and we hope to spotlight his newest endeavor as soon as it's published. 

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Standard Process West Webinar Wednesdays

Weekly training by SPW speakers and mentors focused on whole food nutrition foundations. Access is limited to clients in CO, ND, MT, NE, SD, UT, WY, as well as Whole Food Practice ACN, NCA and coaching clients. 

Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN

1st Wednesday
Natural Functional Medicine

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Melissa Taylor, ACN & Chris Taylor, DC

2nd Wednesday
Practice Growth & Patient Education

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Mark Anderson

3rd Wednesday
Royal Lee Philosophy & Nutritional Research

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Lowell Keppel, DC

4th Wednesday
Nutritional Pearls for Everyday Practice

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