Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) Certification

100-Hr Whole Food Nutrition Certification Program Designed for Health Care Practitioners (some exceptions considered)


ACN- Certification

100 Hrs

$1,650.00 USD
ACN- Certification

100 Hrs

$1740.00 USD (Pay Plan)

You’ve already put in your time and have your degree and license – so why on earth spend money and time to get a certificate? Well, because you’ll learn some great stuff, you’ll be coached to get more out of nutrition in your practice and you’ll receive credit and recognition for seminars that you are already planning on attending.

This post-graduate certification program was designed for busy practitioners that want to have a thriving nutritional practice. Not because they can regurgitate theories and concepts, but because they can apply nutritional theory in practice, understand the underlying causes and deliver solutions – plain and simple.  

We intend to challenge myths and fads and focus on the truths and wisdom of whole food nutrition – that is why the directed learning portion is selected for our enrollees. We also include 30 hours of online continuing education from 4 different presenters. Due to the very diverse educational backgrounds of our participants, we’ve opted for flexibility in the remainder of the structure. You will choose the seminars and electives that interest you, within the framework of acceptable programming. This allows you to create a customized experience. 

ACN Program Flyer
Directed Study Materials

4 Great Teachers, 30 Hours of Online Continuing Education Included With Your Tuition

What Our Enrollees Are Saying 

"I thought I knew whole food nutrition, then I started to work on my materials and realized what I was missing."

"I feel like I'm double-dipping - I attend seminars, get relicensing and earn a credential!"

"Do these guys ever sleep? My email questions are answered right away, with detail and usually awesome aides I can use in my office."

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