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ARTICLES by Robert Thiel, Ph.D - Doctors' Research, Inc.


The Truth About Gladulars In Nutritional Supplements

Some natural health products contain glandular ingredients and many doctors have used glandulars for years with great success.  Glandular organs, such as heart, aorta, and liver, have been a food source in the human diet for centuries. The consumption of glandulars is believed to provide nutritional support to the corresponding gland in the human body. Glandular organs contain food vitamins and minerals and were often used in the past to supply various nutrients.

Advanced Joint Complex™ for Optimal Joint Health

Many people have joint complaints including various forms of arthritis, rheumatism, lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders. At Doctors” Research we believe that nutritional supplementation should be Food, or as close to Food as possible, which is why we came up with 100% Food Advanced Joint Complex.

Dealing with 21 Types of Energy Complaints using Food Nutrition

Natural health professionals have long seen people with energy complaints.  Energy issues appear to be the number one complaint that even medical doctors hear.  Many causes, including various nutritional deficiencies have been postulated as potentially contributing to low energy.   Read More »

Aller-Lung Support™ for Perennial or Seasonal Allergies

The immune system is quite complex, but when it reacts to normally harmless foods and pollens allergies, sinus complaints, and/or asthma can result. Throughout the past couple of centuries, many Foods have been consumed to help reduce the histamine-type reactions that allergies tend to produce. 

Arginase Bladder™– Nutritional Support for Urine Metabolism and Bladder

Urination is something many people think little about unless something goes wrong.  From excessive urination to nocturnal enuresis to urinary tract infections to urinary incontinence, urinary issues are problems for many.

Biofilm: What is it? Can enzymes or herbs help?

A biofilm is an assemblage of surface-associated microbial cells that is enclosed in an extracellular polymeric substance matrix … Several studies have shown that treatment of adsorbed cells with proteolytic enzymes caused a marked release of attached bacteria”

Vegetarian Thyro™ – 100% Vegan Food Thyroid Support

The thyroid is responsible for hormones that affect mood, improve circulation, increase metabolism, retain calcium, affect cardiovascular health, improve tolerance to temperature fluctuations, minimize body fat, reduce the tendency for obesity, minimize menstrual disturbances, improve energy, reduce the dryness of skin and hair, and reduce premature hair loss [1-3].   Yet thyroid problems are very common [2].