Coaching Programs

Practice Building Program - Coming Late 2020

The Fusion Practice Building and Coaching program has been our flagship series for years. We applied the rule of 3 when designing this program for in-person participation - 3 seminars, 3 webinars, 3 coaching sessions and a series of assignments. Now, we are transitioning to video-based online training with specific homework and accountability reminders, group coaching with a closed social forum, and a complimentary parallel track for staff. 

This accelerated practice building program assists new or seasoned practitioners in developing a well-crafted vision, properly-trained staff, reliable examinations and assessments, better communications and a solid ability to plan and follow-through. 

Enrollment for this program is not yet available. Would you like to receive information about the release dates for this program and other group coaching opportunities? Subscribe below and we'll send you timely notifications. 


Creating a Dynamic Team - Coming 2021

Have you been burnt by poor hiring decisions? Do you set job expectations on a post-it note over a coffee break? Does your employee training consist of videos from your practice management software? Do you regularly sit with staff to discuss performance and evaluate compensation? Do you hire people just like you? Well, you know we have help for you.

What about you personally? Do you repeat the same destructive personal and professional patterns? Do you feel like you are continually hitting a brick wall when it comes to success? Do you understand the behaviors that drive your decisions or what makes you and your services different? Are you ready to dig deeper and break through your barriers? 

Invest in yourself and your staff. This is your solution.

Need to hire your very first employee? Want transformational change in your thoughts and actions? Wait no longer. 

Tools & Training to Build Your Dream

Sure, we have valuable tools and techniques for hiring and selection, vision crafting, and business processes. We also have professional development programming to fill gaps in your clinical knowledge and to create a value-added staff. Now, we have incorporated a predictive science tool into our human resource coaching programs that measures how people think and make decisions, what they pay attention to and how they judge specific situations. It is not a personality or behavioral profile - it reveals our true strengths and weakness and is freakishly accurate. Everyone on our staff has participated in this process and we have used it in our clinic hiring process - we are totally sold on its value. 

Hiring and Selection Processes

Make sure you select the right candidate for the job by uncovering potential risks, strengths and motivations. Use the "red flag" questions before making an offer. This step is critically important to the small healthcare practice owner.

Personal Growth & Development

Understand your own thinking, biases and developmental challenges so you can improve performance, maximize communications and increase potential on all levels. Digging deeper is ideal for the practitioner, associate or office manager. 

Staff Optimization
(for larger clinics)

Individual staff assessments are mapped in relation to the entire work group. This provides a glimpse into office dynamics and interactions, matches skills with responsibilities and uncovers whether changes in roles are in order.