Coaching |

improves your focus.

Identify gaps through one-on-one or group sessions.

links you with resources.

Move faster with tools and connections from experienced clinical advisors. 

Asking questions and receiving answers is important to help you build confidence and expertise…but it’s not going to move you to new heights in clinical practice or in financial success. You need a coach for that - someone that will dangle the carrot and then move it a little further down the track.

Individual and Group Coaching

There are coaches that will inspire you to action, place you on the path to better finances, provide direction for better life balance, or help you find your Zen. We are nutritional integration coaches, people with expertise in concrete measures. We help practitioners like you every day. We answer your questions about patient cases, products, nutritional assessment and more. We will:

  • Act as technical advisors that understand whole food nutrition and have a vast amount of experience in providing clinical solutions
  • Help you identify gaps in your knowledge, internal processes, marketing, staff training and patient communications
  • Provide practical resources, tools and connections to realize your vision
  • Help you find your WHY – to be happy at work and fulfilled with your daily tasks. 

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Standard Process West Clients (CO, NE, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)

As independent consultants specializing in whole food nutrition, supplementation and herbs,we are contracted by Standard Process West, Inc. (SPW) to provide mentoring and training within their geographic area. This relationship allows healthcare practitioners with active SPW accounts unlimited access to our staff for a variety of support reasons, including but not limited to questions on products and patient protocols. SPW clients may contact us anytime by phone, email, text or fax. If this geographic criterion applies to your situation, please register on our website and you will be connected to the SPW Client Introduction Course and receive a “Getting Started with Standard Process” email.

What do coaching clients say?
“Melissa worked with me to implement nutritional assessment and testing and train my staff. We began by completing an online questionnaire about our practice and then discussed it at length in a conference call. Her background in business and practice management really gave me confidence I could make the changes. We worked on patient intake and creating a better flow, ordering and inventory, check-out procedures, patient communications, staff utilization and discussed new ways to approach things. She provided many useful forms, website links and handouts for my staff.” Kent Pomeroy, MD – Phoenix, AZ
“Dr. Taylor and Melissa went above and beyond in helping our practice reach higher levels of success. The ideas and tools that were shared during our Fusion Practice Coaching seminars and 1-1 sessions have been invaluable to our team in serving our patients to the highest degree of care. I recommend that all of our chiropractic associates sign up for the program.” Jenn Stockwell, Practice Manager, Stockwell & Associates, S. Jordan, UT
“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chris and Melissa for almost three years now. They have spent more time than I can tell you helping me learn the products, how to use them and how to market them. They are always available for questions. They have made it very easy for me to convert my chiropractic practice into a therapeutic nutrition practice.” Drew Belice, DC – Dillon, MT
“When I began working with RoquesAnn with Whole Food Practice about 6 months ago, I had no idea the changes that I was about to go through. I had studied functional nutrition for years and had a strong understanding of whole food nutrition and its importance in health practice, but I always struggled with putting my knowledge into practice. RoquesAnn quickly identified my strengths, but she could tell that there was some sort of a mental block within me that kept me from fully implementing functional nutrition. I noticed the genuine interest she had in helping me become successful as she facilitated the process of breaking down some of those barriers. From conference calls, suggesting books to read, and critical thinking guides, I can say that my nutrition practice is growing quickly thanks to RoquesAnn Armstrong and Whole Food Practice." Trent Mozingo, DC - Columbus, IN
“My wife and I have been doing 1-1 counseling with Melissa via the phone and using post session materials and tips between calls for just about 2 months. We are feeling the energy level increase in our clinic. This is the vision we have seen for ourselves for years and now we’re finally making it happen. The nutrition side of our practice is already beginning to transform, and we have not even hit our target date yet.” Eric Breitenbach, DC - Durango, CO
“My confidence in using therapeutic nutrition to help many of the maladies of our day has vastly increased since taking their program.RoquesAnn is also an amazing person who embodies the Whole Food Practice mission to help all practitioners of the natural healing arts to improve their knowledge of therapeutic nutrition. So, to sum it all up: Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge regarding running a whole food nutrition practice would be missing out BIG TIME if they didn't take the time to learn from these gifted healers.” Dr. Wayne M. Olsen, Chiropractic Physician, Fellow International Academy of Medical Acupuncture – Bountiful, UT
“I am afraid I really lack the words to express how truly appreciative I am to have Chris and Melissa as such valuable resources and mentors. They are just a phone call or email away (with usually an almost immediate response) from getting expert advice or answers to any product, clinical or business question.” Dan Monson, DC – Salt Lake City, UT
“Dr. Chris and Melissa Taylor are the best resource anyone wishing to expand the nutritional aspect of their practice could ask for! Their enthusiasm is contagious, and their knowledge and expertise are top notch.” Mark Resetarits, DC - Salt Lake City, UT
“Their counsel has been vital to our success as a nutrition practice. It is great to have such knowledgeable resources available, allowing us to better serve our patients. Each month our nutrition sales continue to grow, which is a great revenue source for our practice. Without their help, our practice and nutrition sales would not be what they are today.” Richard Sarchenko, DC - Layton, UT
“The Fusion Practice Coaching Program has been extremely helpful to us. We have been applying the tools that the Whole Food Practice consultants have given and have found them very effective in helping us to create our own personalized nutritional program in our office.” Craig Dawson, DC - Draper, UT