Nutritional Certifications

For health care practitioners and staff

In today's information-rich society, patients are looking for practitioners (and staff) that are passionate and focused in their nutritional care. There are so many options for patients to receive nutritional guidance – their chiropractor, acupuncturist, nurse practitioner, naturopath, medical doctor, health food stores, online forums, multi-level marketing business owners, online health coaches, podcasters, bloggers...the list is endless. Unfortunately, not all sources are created equal. Many online sources are just out to make money and so many practitioners don't have the training to truly assess the patient and get to the root cause.

So, why certify?

  • Show your patients you are invested in their health and wellness
  • Learn structured methods for nutritional assessment
  • Reinforce that your recommendations are based in study, as well as clinical application
  • Demonstrate that continuing your education is critical to your patients' optimal care
  • Build your confidence and expertise in the field of nutrition
  • Separate yourself from your peers and provide expertise in your community
  • Position your clinic as a multi-faceted center for natural health, nutrition, and lifestyle change.

Join us. Make the time for a nutritional focus and you will surely be surprised at how this manifests in your life and your practice. Earn the certification and display it proudly. 

Oh, one more thing. Trained staff with identifiable roles have been shown to positively contribute to patient satisfaction and program compliance, reducing practitioner workload, and the bottom line. Consider providing your staff with the right tools and training to support your nutritional practice. Enroll them in our Nutritional Clinical Assistant certification program.