Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) Certificate

Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) Certificate

100-hour whole food nutrition certification program designed for health care practitioners (some exceptions are considered – see FAQs)

You’ve already put in your time and have your degree and license – so why on earth spend money and time to get a certificate? Well, because you’ll learn some great stuff, you’ll be coached to get more out of nutrition in your practice and you’ll receive credit and recognition for seminars that you are already planning on attending.

This post-graduate certification program was designed for busy practitioners that want to have a thriving nutritional practice. Not because they can regurgitate theories and concepts, but because they can apply nutritional theory in practice, understand the underlying causes and deliver solutions – plain and simple.  

We intend to challenge myths and fads and focus on the truths and wisdom of whole food nutrition – that is why the directed learning portion is selected for our enrollees. Due to the very diverse educational backgrounds of our participants, we’ve opted for flexibility in the remainder of the structure. You will choose the seminars and electives that interest you, within the framework of acceptable programming. This allows you to create a customized experience. 

ACN enrollees will follow a flexible learning structure that includes directed and elective study, seminar participation, coaching sessions and web-based study groups that encompass the following:

  • Foundational whole food nutrition concepts
  • Causes of nutritional deficiencies
  • Trending topics in healthcare and nutritional solutions
  • Nutritional exams and observational analysis
  • Purification and weight loss
  • Bonus materials on leadership and practice implementation

Get the reward and recognition you deserve for the time you spend in nutritional study by enrolling in our post-graduate certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition, sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College.

What ACN Enrollees Are Saying

  • I thought I knew whole food nutrition, then I started to work on my materials and realized what I was missing.
  • I love the monthly study groups - they're packed with info that I can use right away.
  • I feel like I'm double-dipping - I attend seminars, get relicensing and earn a credential!
  • Do these guys ever sleep? My email questions are answered right away, with detail and usually awesome aides I can use in my office.
  • The elective flexibility is great - I attended an online conference in nutrition and received credit toward my certification. 
ACN Category of Learning Description Hours
Directed Study Selected reading, audio or video materials are sent to each enrollee to fulfill the core philosophy and teachings of whole food nutrition. This category is completely self-paced, included in the tuition and requires a passing quiz score of 80% for each unit. 20 hrs
Continuing Education Seminars (CEUs) Practitioners attend post-graduate, continuing education nutrition seminars or online courses sponsored by an accredited chiropractic college and submit their official participation voucher to receive credit. Nutrition courses sponsored by NCCAOM may also be used to fulfill credits in this category. 60 hrs
Elective Study Certifications include a variety of free courses and recorded webinars from our library that may be used to fullfil credits in the elective category. Webinars, podcasts, nutritional books, health related movies, study groups, teleconferences, or concurrent certifications are excellent options to customize the learning experience and focus on interests. 20 hrs
Who is eligible for the Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) certification?

Applicants for the ACN that are chiropractors or other licensed health care practitioners or Standard Process® account holders will automatically be approved for participation. Unlicensed practitioners or dedicated clinical nutrition staff members sponsored by their licensed practitioner will need to complete the online application for review and be interviewed prior to approval into the program. Other, less qualified applicants may want to consider the Nutritional Clinical Assistant (NCA) certification.

What is included in the ACN tuition fee?

The ACN program tuition includes the Directed Study materials in the welcome box, handouts and online quizzes, a study guide and curriculum planning guidelines, three 45-minute coaching sessions, a variety of free eLearning courses to fulfill elective hours, online study groups, access to our practitioner library of tools and resources and a detailed 100 question final exam. Upon completion, Whole Food Practice’s Project Manager will finalize your transcript, complete the necessary submission paperwork and fees (already included in the tuition) and publish the final exam to your transcript. An approved certificate will be sent to you directly from Texas Chiropractic College (TCC). Once received, you may use the ACN designation after your name, according to local regulations.

What is not included in the ACN tuition fee?

Local CEU seminars, online CEU courses, some of the professional development courses on our site and elective programming you choose from another provider are not included. The fees to attend CEU seminars need to be paid to the host (usually the Standard Process area rep or other CEU seminar host) and they will submit your request to the sponsoring Chiropractic College. Typically, you will receive an official voucher or certificate of completion based on verified sign in and sign out and paid fees.

Online CEU courses also track your activity, often include a quiz and provide a completion record sponsored by an accredited chiropractic college. Online CEU courses sponsored by other entities (non-chiropractic) could be used for Elective Study, but not to fulfill the CEU credit hour requirements. National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) PDA courses will be excepted by TCC as CEU approved courses.

You may also incur additional fees for Elective Independent Study from books you want to read and add to your library, other nutritional certification programs, online professional development courses, college courses, etc. Our goal is to be sure that each enrollee has access to a minimum of 20 complimentary Elective Independent Study hours on the Whole Food Education eLearning platform so, additional fees for this requirement are a choice and not a necessity.

What are the enrollment deadlines?

The ACN certification program is an open and continuous enrollment with a mix of direct and elective study, as well as local CEU seminars or approved online CEU programs. You can begin any time you wish and pace yourself to complete the program on your timeline.

Why do I have to pay for continuing education credits at seminars?

Some seminars provide pricing for CEU and non-CEU attendees, but everyone gets the same materials and benefit, so why pay the extra fee? In order for our certifications to be sponsored by an accredited, higher education entity and for you to receive a designation to use with your name (ACN), we’ve aligned ourselves with Texas Chiropractic College and they use strict guidelines to approve qualified speakers, review course content for legitimate learning, verify attendance and provide an official transcript of attendance. They have also agreed to honor CEU credits that our ACN enrollees take (nationwide), so long as those seminars and online courses are also sponsored by an accredited chiropractic college. CEU courses that have been vetted and verified make up 60% of the ACN program, and therefore, can be recognized and sponsored by an institution of higher learning.

How do I inform Whole Food Practice of the CEU seminars and electives that I am completing?

Approved enrollees will sign into our website and access the eLearning platform. From there, navigate to the ACN Certification course, scroll down to Elective Independent Study or Continuing Education Credits, click the first submission available and an online form will guide you through some questions to submit credit requests, share proof of attendance materials, or to attach a CEU transcript voucher. We collect these official documents and add them to your transcript. When you have completed your requirements, we will file your completed transcript with Texas Chiropractic College.

We hope to streamline this process in the Phase II updates on our website. All enrollees will be notified of any changes in our administrative processes. 

Why is the Back to School for Doctors seminar in Colorado required for ACN enrollees?

Back to School for Doctors is held annually each September in Denver, CO and is considered the largest whole food nutrition seminar attended by Standard Process® and MediHerb® practitioners in the country. Each year approximately 600 practitioners and staff make the pilgrimage to learn foundational concepts often forgotten in today’s media haze of nutritional misinformation. One visit to Back to School for Doctors is strongly encouraged during the course of the program. It allows for 12 CEUs, so keep that in mind when planning CEU seminar participation. Exceptions will be made for some candidates that cannot attend the Back to School seminar for personal or health reasons, but honestly, we feel that it is a foundational component of the program and you would be missing out by not making this a priority.

Where do I purchase some of the suggested reading materials for the Elective Independent Study?

A majority of the print or audio materials suggested as electives for the ACN certification are published by Selene River Press, Inc. Their principals and editors have very strict criteria regarding what is distributed through their publishing company and it MUST meet whole food and traditional nutrition philosophy. All enrollees get a 10% discount on Selene River Press purchases through our private landing page on that website - so don’t order anything without the link. Since this is a public page, we will send all enrollees this link once they are accepted into the program. If you want to check our Selene River Press before you decide - visit them at For other recommendations, please email or schedule an ACN coaching call. 

How long does it take to complete the ACN program?

We anticipate that most ACN enrollees will take between 8 months - 2 years to complete the program, totally based on how much time and effort they are able to expend. The biggest holdup to quick completion is attending enough CEU seminars. That’s why we also allow online CEU courses in nutrition and herbal medicine, so long as they are sponsored by an accredited chiropractic college.

Our timeframe is a guideline, not a deadline. We will not be charging anyone extra fees if they do not finish within 2 years, but we may be calling and emailing to see how we can help them complete their program or move them to an inactive status, requiring reinitiation. Our staff have personally enrolled in certifications, then life happened, and we missed the deadline and had to pay ½ of the original tuition to continue. We’re not going to do that - but we will try to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

Can I use CEU seminar credits that I have already attended to fulfill the CEU segment?

Of course. Many chiropractors and other licensed healthcare practitioners attend CEU seminars on a regular basis for license renewal. If you have already paid for CEU nutrition seminars that are sponsored by an accredited chiropractic college and you have the official transcript or voucher approving the credit, then yes, we can transfer previous CEU credits into your ACN certification. Here is the fine print - in order to remain relevant and fair to the process, transfer CEU credits cannot be more than 2 years old.

What other sites offer online CEUs in nutrition that can be applied toward my certification?

There are many sites that offer CEU programming, but first and foremost, all courses considered for credits within our certification programs must be focused in nutrition and sponsored by an accredited chiropractic college. TCC uses CE Cruncher as an authorized supplier of chiropractic continuing education. These courses are post-graduate level and in a higher price category than our offerings.

Standard Process’s new site, Wholistic Matters offers free CEU courses through New York Chiropractic College. These credits will be accepted with proper documentation.

Lastly, if health care practitioners have taken a nutrition course approved for PDAs through NCCAOM or another acupuncture governing body, TCC will accept those as transfer CEUs, so long as you provide clear proof of attendance and the number of PDA credits received. All CEU and elective credit submissions will need to be made on the eLearning platform after you log into your account.

Can I receive Elective Study credits for other programs or certifications I have participated in?

There are some incredible programs out there - learning that would fit very nicely in our Elective Study portion of the ACN program (20 hours). We encourage nutrition-based organizations and health and nutrition speakers to connect with us regarding their offerings so we can review them for content and pre-approve Elective Study credits. We also encourage our enrollees to submit requests for programs they would like considered for Elective Study.

We may provide a conditional approval for some electives while we ensure learning and review the material. We may also insist on a detailed submission including key learning and application of concepts. Although we are always reviewing additional programs, the following collaborators have pre-approved credits:

  • Weston A Price: Wise Traditions Annual Conference
  • IFNH: Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition (CCWFN), 100-hr Certification
  • Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems: Functional Herbal Therapy Course with Lee Carroll and any other long courses (over 40 hours of nutritional content).
  • Gaeta Communications: Autoimmune Mastery Program, Endocrine Mastery Program, Cardiovascular Mastery and Cancer Support and Prevention
What is covered in the ACN coaching sessions?

The topics of the ACN coaching sessions are totally driven by the enrolled student and the student is 100% responsible for scheduling these sessions by calling our office or booking an appointment on our website. If someone is struggling with the concept of being coached or asking for professional help, this structured plan serves as a guide:

Session One:

Introduction and planning meeting, customizing your ACN experience, staying on track, understanding your resources and networks. Typically occurs within the first 3-6 weeks of receiving your Welcome Box and reviewing the content.

Session Two:

Questions on nutritional concepts, challenging theories or changes in paradigm, sharing patient cases and receiving protocol assistance, seeking additional learning tracts, receiving feedback about certification progress, business and marketing strategies, final exam prep, etc. Typically occurs between 4-8 months, but it can be anytime. 

Session Three:

Continued questions on patient cases and receiving protocol assistance, seeking additional learning tracts, receiving feedback about certification progress, business and marketing strategies, discussion about final exam, etc. Typically occurs between 8-15 months, but some enrollees will be near completion during this timeframe.

Additional coaching sessions for ACN enrollees may be purchased as single sessions from our Coaching page once these complimentary sessions have been used.

How do I prepare for the final examination?

The final exam is a culmination of the required materials and quizzes, foundational nutrition concepts, critical learning covered by Standard Process® speakers and current nutritional topics relevant to a whole food therapeutic practice. We will provide a comprehensive study guide that will walk you through the important learning. You may take notes in the guide and use it as an “open book” while taking your final examination.

What structure and process does the final examination follow?

The final examination is a 100 question, online test that provides immediate scoring, wrong answer tips and additional topic reminders for continued learning after the exam. There will be 80 nutrition, 10 herbal and 10 business ethics questions. Each enrollee must pass the exam with an 80% score or higher and it can be taken more than once in order to achieve this passing score. You may keep your resources and study guide open during this test, but you may not use the internet to search topics and answers.

What is the refund policy for the ACN certification?

We provide each potential enrollee with ample time to ask questions during our complimentary discovery session and email exchanges. We also do not pressure anyone into purchasing any certification programs. Once a practitioner or staff member submits their application, is notified of approval and payment is processed, no refunds will be offered or negotiated.