The Search for the Perfect Protein- David Minkoff, MD

Presenter: David Minkoff, MD

Founder, BodyHealth and Co-Founder of LifeWorks Wellness Center

Dr. David Minkoff is board certified in Pediatrics, worked 12 years in emergency medicine, and completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases, but when his wife became ill and sought out functional medicine approaches, his eyes opened up to a new way of treating patients. Decades later, at 784 years young, he is still working full-time in his Florida alternative medical clinic, Lifeworks Wellness Center and has completed over 41 Ironman Triathlons.

Dr. Minkoff is also the founder of BodyHealth, a nutritional company with the flagship product - Perfect Aminos. Proteins are the basic building blocks of the human body, but most people are deficient in amino acids, which can lead to diabetes, obesity, cancer, and a host of other chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. In his book, The Search for the Perfect Protein, Dr. Minkoff explores the importance of clean proteins in the diet and solutions to build a stronger, healthier life.