Quick Start: Top 10 Doctor's Research Products - Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH

Presenter: Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH

It's truly delightful to listen to one of our cherished speakers as she imparts her wisdom and advice on Food Research products. Delving into a new realm of nutrition can feel overwhelming, but Ronda's talent for providing straightforward explanations and connecting the dots in a logical manner will undoubtedly be invaluable to us.

Here is what she is discussing.

  • Vitamin Mineral
  • Digesti-Pan
  • GB Support
  • Gluco-Sugar Balance
  • High Stress Adrenal
  • B Stress
  • Feminine Advantage
  • Nattokinase

Plus bonus discussion on thyroid support - Metabolic Thyro, Migratrol, Thyro EMG, Simply Thyro