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Functional Assessments: Systems Survey (1 of 8)

Dr. Chris & Melissa Taylor

Functional Assessments: Systems Survey

This webinar is the first in a 6-part series on Functional Assessments and Related Protocols. The Systems Survey and prior historic tools have been used for decades for practitioners and their staff to collect a large amount of data, quickly assess patterns, prioritize recommendations, and have a benchmark for improvement and change to protocols. We will discuss the following areas of assessment and primary protocols. 

  • Groups 1 & 2 - Autonomic Nervous System/Dominance
  • Group 3 - Sugar Handling
  • Group 4 - Cardiovascular
  • Group 5 - Liver/Biliary
  • Group 6 - Digestion
  • Group 7 - Endocrine Sub-groups
  • Group 8 - Foundational B-Complex Findings
  • Male/Female Group

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