Dr. Nathan T Eldredge DC, CPE, ACN

Six months ago, I found Whole Food Practice and the ACN program and it has significantly changed my practice for the better. I’ve been in practice for 13 years and I’ve always done some type of Nutrition but I knew it was superficial and not in-depth care. I had patients that would do better for a time and then revert back to being in pain. At the time I was only addressing their biomechanical needs and some lifestyle changes, but with the ACN program things have really changed for me. I’m now seeing and treating a wider variety of conditions. I have one patient that I’ve seen on and off for about 8 years for biomechanical issues. I’m now treating her for a number of conditions, that before the ACN program I wasn’t comfortable enough to treat; I’ve done blood work and GI mapping on her and currently treating her nutritional deficiencies, lipid issues, blood sugar issues, heartburn, dysbiosis and we are investigation a possible latent EBV along with her biomechanical and lifestyle issues. She is now referring more patients to me then she ever has in the past, which is due to my new treating methods, thanks to the ACN program.  

When Covid-19 hit, a number of concerns with my previous style of practice came to mind. What if for some reason I can’t adjust anymore, what if my practice is shut down from the virus, what are my plans if I want to continue to treat patients but physically can’t? The ACN program has given me a solution to all of these concerns. My practice is no longer dependent on biomechanical treatment only, I have a much wider range of treatment possibilities for patients for a multitude of different conditions. I now can see patients through telehealth consultations if needed, and when my body tells me it’s time to stop adjusting, I don’t have to stop seeing patients. But more importantly, my current patients are being seen more often for a wider range of care and are getting healthier, they are referring more friends and family then they have in the past and during the pandemic my practice has significantly grown and continues to grow. It has also brought a new excitement in treating patients again which has made practice a lot of fun. 

Thank you Whole Food Practice.

Catherine Sarchenko ACN

The ACN program is unique in the quality and integrity of the nutrition education that is taught. This program was designed by professionals who are in the work everyday and see real results with real patients from the application of the principles this course teaches. The course not only teaches incredibly valuable knowledge about nutrition , it also provides coaching and tools for putting it all into practice. Even after a college degree in nutrition, I have never encountered as solid and impactful information as is available through this course. Any health professional will add immense value to their place of practice, their personal health, and to their patients by gaining and sharing this knowledge and the resources provided by the ACN program.

DeGrey Christensen ACN

This program was great!  I learned so much from the classes, seminars, and materials in this course that I was able to immediately turn around and use in my practice!  So much good and practical knowledge that has the potential to help so many people get well.